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Download How To Get More Styles For Windows 7

Discussion in 'Customisations' started by NBK*Twitch, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. NBK*Twitch Person Of All Kinds

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    Windows 7 & Opensuse 12.1
    ~!Note: Make a restore point before trying this that way if something goes wrong you can easily go back.!~

    So are you bored of that same boring Windows 7 Style? Would you like something different? If you said,"yes" to both of those questions keep reading. If you said no to either you can stop reading here .

    Okay first you will need three tools. The UXthemepatcher, The style you want to install, and your brain .

    Here is the download for the patcher -

    32bit -

    64bit -

    Now after downloading open it up.

    Click the patch all option and just click cancel on

    Any error message windows throws at you,click cancel and/or no.

    It just notifying you that you are using a modified version of the uxtheme dll and thinks you need the original.

    I promise this is not going to infect you with any malware.


    So after running the patch restart the machine.

    Now for the style. You can find windows 7 styles here -

    Pick you a style and download it. Then extract the zip.

    Now it will either have an automatic installer or the files you have to manually move.

    If you have a installer just run it it is like any other program install.

    If you have a package with just the theme files. Put them in the C:\windows\resources\themes.

    Now you have style installed.

    All you need to do now is change to the theme.


    To change to your new theme open up control panel.

    From there choose "Appearance and Personalization" .

    Now choose Personalization

    Now from there click theme and you can choose from some preinstalled themes and the style you installed.

    I hope this helped some of you.
  2. DarkDonnie Member

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    Awesome. I would love to get some more themes for win7 Thanks for posting.
  3. Julio Milian Active Member

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    hey this works i tried it on my friends because he said his had aero nd he didnt wnt it lol so i did it for him +1!
  4. Mivellum Member

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    Thanks for the tutorial! Definitely going to do this!

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